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Romney Staff, Press Face Off In Football Game


The Republican nominee makes a Chris Christie joke, but ducks a question on negotiations with Iran.

Republican presidential nominee and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney takes part in a coin toss for a touch football game in Delray Beach, Florida, October 21, 2012.

Image by Jim Young / Reuters

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — Top aides to Mitt Romney faced off against his traveling press corps Sunday morning in a game of flag football, with the Republican nominee conducting the coin toss to start play.

Among the Romney aides playing: debate sparring partner Sen. Rob Portman, communications director Gail Gitcho, best friend Bob White, senior advisers Eric Fehrnstrom and Ron Kaufman, and a host of junior staffers.

The aides wore red t-shirts emblazoned with the line: "I Built My Business, Mr. President."

Romney walked down a sand path to the beach not far from the hotel where he is conducting preparations before his third and final debate with President Barack Obama Monday night for the coin toss, changing into shorts and a t-shirt after attending church Sunday morning.

After the coin toss, reporters asked Romney questions on Iran, his readiness for tomorrow night's debate, and recent polling showing him tied with Obama, but the former Massachusetts governor ducked them.

Source: @dgjackson

From the pool report:

“Let’s see look at the captain, Gail’s a captain is that right? Got a bracelet for you.This is a clear eyes full heart America can’t lose. All right?" Romney said to communications adviser Gail Gitcho at the 50-yard marker on the beach, handing her a rubber bracelet with the logo.

"Ashley’s a captain. There ya go look at that," Romney said to The New York Times Ashley Parker.

"There ya go shake hands, shake hands," Romney told Gitcho and Parker.

Gitcho and Parker shook hands, and then Romney asked Parker if she was going to call the flip in the air.

"You’re going to call it really? You want it to hit the ground?” he asked her.

“You can catch if you want," Parker said.

Romney decided to throw it up and let it drop, and Parker called tails, and after searching for the coin in the sand, Gitcho found it and announced that it was tails.

“Tails it is! That’s the last call you guys are getting," Romney said.

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